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Our products help executives gain high visibility over the risk and compliance aspects of the organization.

Our products:


An effective Corporate Governance ecosystem with a focus on Enterprise Risk Management. This one of a kind environment helps engage executives, managers and risk and compliance professionals in the risk management process and provides a higher level of visbility over the organizations risk exposure for the executives.
Governore includes the following modules:

Introducing a comprehensive cloud-based Audit Management solution for audit professionals, internal audit teams and audit firms which is scalable for all team sizes and customizable for all budgets. Make the audit process more effective and efficient and get the maximum value possible from your Audits. Auditplex manages your audit project through its entire life cycle.

Unidentified or unmitigated risks have left many organizations with huge legal, reputational and financial damages. Investors and clients, nowadays, require the management teams to implement a comprehensive risk management ecosystem within the organization. TCS risk manager module helps risk professionals manage, control and monitor risk across the organization and provide the required level of visibility for the executives.

Policies are the pillars of risk management and compliance. They are the guidelines for every individual in the organization to ensure they are not putting company’s reputation at risk. However, with thousands of policies across various departments, it is difficult to keep them up to date, discover dependencies, control changes and maintain them. TCS policy manager is designed to address these issues for risk managers.

It may not be possible to prevent some issues from happening, but we must be able to minimize their impact. TCS incident manager helps provide a standard framework for your organization where employees can provide sufficient information for each incident and managers can decide on the reporting requirements and perform impact mitigation where needed. In addition, executives will have higher visibility of all such incidents as well as the follow-up procedures using TCS incident manager.

What is the cost of suddenly losing one function in your organization? How long will it take to return to normal business? What is the overall impact on the business? What is your recovery plan? To answer all these questions, managers need to be aware of the quality of business continuity and disaster recovery plans implemented in their areas of responsibility? Our BCP/DR module helps you identify, manage and monitor and test your continuity and recovery plans so you can maintain the required level of functionality at the time of crisis.

An important aspect of business governance is not only monitoring staff performance but also helping them improve their productivity by providing them with constructive feedback. Performance management is a significant part of corporate culture development. TCS performance manager module helps implement a standard performance measurement and monitoring framework in the organization and provides high visibility of the results for the management team.