Top Clarity Software Inc.
Our products help executives gain high visibility over the risk and compliance aspects of the organization.

Our Vision, Mission and Values:


We don't see technology as merely an enabler for businesses but as an integral part of them. Our vision for Technique One is to be the provider of customized solutions for our clients. Solutions that help them not only realize their business goals but also get the most value possible from technology.


Our mission is our vision in practice. We are dedicated to providing an efficient framework to our clients, so that they can improve, monitor and effectivey manage the quality of technologies employed in their organizations in order to remain competitive in their markets.


  • People and Leadership: The only required materials to build a briliant future
  • Innovation: The golden key to competitiveness, productivity and sustainalibity
  • Passion: Without which everything is boring and the end results are of low quallity
  • Ethics: The guidline to put us back on the right track when greed takes over